We use medical science to treat the brain disease of addiction and other manifestations of physical distress.

We use behavioral psychology to teach clients skillful behaviors to replace habitual, unhelpful behaviors.


Elisabeth Bellows, MD  Medical Director, Psychiatrist

Dr. Bellows opened her private practice on the Peninsula in 1994.  Over time, she has increasingly specialized in using behavior therapy approaches to treat co-occurring Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health Conditions. She has extensive training in standard Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and the new Radically-Open DBT.  She has served as team leader for a local DBT consultation team continuously since 2010.  Dr. Bellows founded the Center for Enhanced Recovery in 2016 with the goal of providing behavior therapy skills training, medication services, and educational services to families affected by the disease of addiction.

Kathe Gibboney, FNP Addiction Medicine, Family Practice

Kathe Gibboney, RN, FNP, provides addiction medicine services including assessment, medically assisted outpatient detox, and ongoing medication management services for substance use disorders and some co-occurring psychiatric disorders.  She also provides recovery-oriented counseling for patients, their families, or their loved ones.

John Roy Schulte, MD  Addiction Medicine Consultant

Dr. Schulte is dedicated to the medical management of substance abuse and recovery.  Dr. Schulte provides medically assisted outpatient detox and individualized addiction medicine services.  In his role as consultant, Dr. Schulte provides information to the treatment team regarding recent advances in the treatment of substance use disorders.

Caroll Fowler, MFT   Family Support Group Therapist

Caroll Fowler, MFT, has worked in the field of addiction and addictive family systems for over 30 years.  She has a master's degree in transpersonal psychology and has worked for a number of treatment centers, including Gladman Hospital in Oakland CA, as a therapist and interim program director. Caroll also worked at Sequoia Center in Redwood City, CA, for 18 years where she served as director of the Family Program for 10 years.  In 2010, Caroll was co-founder of a treatment center in Kenya, Africa.  She has had a private practice in Castro Valley, CA for 25 years and has been in recovery for 33 years.   Her passion is helping addicts and their families to find recovery from this debilitating disease.