SERVICES: Overview

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, their healing and recovery evolves over time.  Treatment needs are not the same on the first day and the 500th day of sobriety.  In many cases, the work of recovery involves more than just the substance user.  This can include parents, partners, children, siblings, and friends. The Center for Enhanced Recovery believes that we need to greet clients where they are and to accept them as they are.  So whether you are a user or non-user, committed to abstinence or ambivalent, actively using or already quit, in early recovery or long-term recovery, a newcomer or an old-timer...we welcome your interest in our treatment offerings.

Using Drugs/Alcohol Currently

Assessment and Referral

Detox Services

Intake Assessment, Treatment Planning

Anti-craving Medications and other Medication-Assisted Treatment

Relapse Prevention Group

Early Recovery
Long-Term Recovery

Coping Skills Class

Medication Maintenance

Community  Sober Support

Multiple Relapses

Relapse Prevention Group

Coping Skills Class

Medication Evaluation

Want to support someone who has quit using or
concerned about someone who is still using 

Self-Assessment: "Is it Addiction?"

Family support group

Family Agreements

Seeking support for yourself about someone else's drug/alcohol use

Education: Book and Internet Resources

Family support group

Self-Assessment "Secondhand Drinking/Drugging"

Individual consultation